Are You Seeing Repeating Numbers?

When you are called to wake-up spiritually and pursue your soul purpose, you will see 11:11 repeat in your life. Thereafter, it signifies that an energetic gateway has opened for you to accelerate upon your path. It also means that the universe has taken a snapshot of your thoughts and they are being manifested into reality.

But what about other numbers like double numbers, triple numbers, quadruple numbers, mirrored numbers, sequential numbers and your birth date?

– Double Numbers eg 11, 22, 33 – Find a balance between your light (soul) and dark (ego). You are a spiritual being having a human experience so take note of the message and bring forth change. Double numbers present challenge and opportunity.

– Triple Numbers eg 111, 222, 333 – Represent the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. You are ascending and being reminded about the way to live in God’s truth.

– Quadruple Numbers eg 1111, 2222, 3333 – Synchronicity is working cohesively in your life. Be careful what you wish for and remain on a positive path to manifest your highest good.

– Repeat Sequence Numbers eg 1212, 1313, 1414 – You have found balance between your light and dark. You actively accept your role in co-creating with the universe to manifest your soul’s desires. Step forward in the direction of your true life purpose knowing that your material needs will be met as you take action.

– Bookend Numbers eg 1221, 1331, 1441 – A situation in your life will be coming to a close soon. Utilise the lessons and move on to the next exciting part of your life.

– Sequential numbers eg 123, 456, 789 – Indicate steps along your life path and where you are at any given point in your situation or journey.

– Birth year – Reminder about your life purpose.

– Day/month of birth – What you are here to overcome and teach.

The Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides (most commonly deceased loved ones) use numbers to send us messages. At any given point, you are at a place you’ve never been before. So you are encouraged to look up the numbers that call your attention as they are providing you with confirmation of your thoughts and next steps.

What numbers you see in any given moment is individual and unique to you so if you want to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams, I highly recommend you look them up here…

The number that I bring to you each day through Angelsroc! Facebook page describes the energy of the day for all of humanity. So if you want to walk in step with the Divine and make choices in your highest good, look up your numbers starting with the time you wake up.

Trust your signs; they are gifts from God!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥