How Energy Affects Your Loved Ones & Animals!

Have you ever thought how your thoughts and energy impacts another? Perhaps you’ve noticed this when you are thinking about someone and they just happen to call or you know who is calling when the phone rings. It’s the same with our energy.

I had a huge wake-up call this week when anger ruptured inside me as Mars turned direct. Even though my pooch Unity was at a friend’s house, she felt my energy and reacted with multiple seizures which the vets then treated for epilepsy but this just made her worse.

When Unity was rushed to the vet by my friend after the first cluster of seizures, I intuitively knew it was my energy causing it but I did not know how to treat it. Afterall, I am not a spiritual expert in animals but after my exhaustive research, it looks like I will be expanding my horizons in this direction too.

On the medication, Unity went into seizures every half hour and was going downhill fast. She’s only 4.9kg so her little body was reacting violently to the chemicals. The only other time she had a major seizure was at a doggy day-care centre where they used chemical floor cleaners. Miss Unity just does not like toxins of any form.

As our Angel messages of the ensuing days urged more research and education, and to look to the spiritual not the material, I found the answers. I made an appointment with a Naturopathic Vet who told me to massage 7 chakra points on her body in the ensuing 24 hours. I then spoke to Michelle Paraspolo McCarthy, an expert in Integrative Energy Therapy, and asked her to tap into Unity. Even though Michelle is across the other side of the world, she can visualise spaces, beings and energy. Unity promptly told her it was my anger and that the drugs weren’t doing any good. Michelle then recommended massaging Frankincense into the same 7 chakra points that the Naturopathic Vet recommended. Neither women knew what the other said; it was synchronicity of spiritual insight in action. The Frankincense stopped the seizures instantly when they started and gradually they got fewer apart.

At the same time, my partner overseas was vomiting and I developed a huge abscess in my mouth. But I couldn’t leave Unity to get treatment. When I asked my Angel cards did I need to go to the Dentist, they said no; it was a spiritual lesson and I would get answers the following day. I recalled having been told to gargle with salt water in my dream the night before so I did that and applied clove oil to the abscess.

By Saturday morning, Unity was seizure free and my abscess was half the size. We visited the Naturopathic Vet who listened to our story and asked what happened when Unity went into a seizure. Her pupils would dilate, her heart would race, her front left paw and back left leg would stiffen, and she would panic. Then the Vet pushed those same points on the right side of my body and they were sore. It turned out these are the points where we store anger and Unity was just mirroring my emotions! The abscess was also caused by the anger stored in the right side of my body.

The Naturopahic Vet’s prognosis was that the seizures were, in fact, spasms because with seizures dogs froth at the mouth and Unity was not doing this. She said when I heal, Unity would too and doubted she would ever have to see Unity again.

As an ascending spiritual being, I feel the planetary movements and energetic responses intensely. We all do! But instead of taking it personally, we need to breathe through it and choose a different response. Because no matter where you are in the world, your loved ones feel your energy and this is reflected in the physical.

Always choose love as your first and only response.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥