Why Daily Meditation is Essential

We are going through a lot of change which is designed by the heavenly realm to remove negativity from humanity and move us into a state of love and light.

This is called the ascension process and is particularly prevalent for those stepping into their soul purpose and the role of Earth Angels.

Ascension is increasing and you may not know the reason for some feelings and tension. That’s okay because it means something from a previous life is being dealt with. We have eons of negativity to remove.

If you know the reason for the feeling, then recognise the core issue, breathe, let it go and adopt a positive alternative.

Meditation is the most effective way to quieten the mind and eliminate worry and fear. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. There may be many layers to work through to get to the core issue. Eliminating negativity needs to happen for you to step into that place of higher manifestation where you effortlessly attract your desires into your life.

It is advisable to set aside time every day for meditation. I do it in the morning and at night when I am going to sleep. But if you can’t make that time available, do it just as you are going to sleep. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep; in fact it’s good because your mind is quiet and the spiritual realm can work unrestricted. Whatever you need to remember, you will upon waking.


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Negative energy caused by past issues is stored in the body and your subconscious. It can cause ill-health, physical aches and pains, and adverse reactions to situations.

When you allow clearing through meditation, you allow newness to come in. Your third eye will also be activated allowing you to receive important information to guide your next steps.

One final word is do not drive or do anything while meditating. Your body needs to be still and quiet.

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