Numbers – Warnings & Action Steps!!!!

The Angels provide us with warnings and action steps in many ways. If the either of the following numbers appears repeatedly in your day, take note.

517 or 1517 – A warning that something is happening behind the scenes. This ‘thing’ may not have yet materialised on the physical plane but it will in due course. You may feel tension in some part of your body, and your dreams and visions will alert you to what it is. Do a card reading for guidance and take divinely guided proactive action.

I remember deliberately driving around the block after seeing 1517 looming on my odometer. I felt my soul get quite angry; it was a costly avoidance that delayed my plans for months.

217 – Your partner may be in need of something or you need to take proactive action towards your life purpose. Call your partner or do a card reading to find out what action you need to take.

655, 727 and 757 – Good new is on the way. While 655 and 727 will generally happen that day sometime, 757 can happen within the hour particularly if seen left and right at the same time.

X29 – Any number before 29 indicates that if you have lost something recently, the universe is manifesting something better to take its place.

808 – It’s up to you to create solid foundations for yourself and your family. Listen to your intuition and take divinely guided action.

1414 or 1441 – Keep moving forward and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

X15, X51 or 1551 – Change and new beginnings are on the way, take divinely guided proactive action.

113, 1013 or 1113 – A warning that some upheaval or obstacles may appear in your life. Seen repeatedly can mean that someone is in potential danger and again your dreams and visions will alert you to what this is. You can avert anything by taking proactive divinely guided action.

1111 – The Universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and they will quickly manifest into your life. A new door has opened, follow your heart.

I hope this has been helpful. If any numbers that you see often are not covered in this list, post a comment below.

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