I am so grateful for the clarity and insight Janet was able to offer me. She gives me the comfort and guidance I need; I always feel supported, empowered and calm. With love and sincerity, Janet delivers messages clearly and accurately. Life can be tough at times, we all need support and hope. With Janet’s backing, I am able to view my situations differently and feel at ease.

Gina, Business Coach/Talent Acquisition Specialist

I met Angelsroc about a year and a half ago when my precious furkid family member crossed over. She reached out to me as a source of love and comfort. This was the start of my following her every day. Each day I look to Angelsroc’s daily post to find guidance from the Angels to give me inspiration and support on my journey. These and her card readings help to align me with my Divine Purpose. I’ve had several card readings done. I feel these channeled messages are the insight I need to move forward, to help me create opportunities, at times to review options carefully, and to remind me to surrender and trust. If I make comments on her posts or have questions, Angelsroc is very responsive. She truly has a gift and is here to help others live their highest and best good.

Julie, USA

I have been a Facebook follower of Angelsroc for several years. I first learned of Angelsroc from another light worker, Michelle Paraspolo McCarthy. I saw a post by Angelsroc that Michelle had re-posted and immediately felt drawn to Angelsroc Facebook page. As is a commonly held belief among light workers, I believe everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by chance. The daily posts by Angelsroc have become such and integral part of my life. Each day I look forward to the card reading and message for the day. These messages are uplifting and timely. Many days I can relate immediately, while other days I ponder the reading and reflect on it later that day or evening. Sometimes the meaning is crystal clear while other times it takes me time to “figure it out.” Either way, Angelsroc is such a positive presence in my life. When Angelsroc posted an offer of a free card reading for anyone who was interested I was overjoyed! Although I work with angel cards daily, I was interested to see the reading Angelsroc received for me. I have never met Angelsroc in person, although I have communicated with her via Facebook messenger regarding the card reading. My card reading experience is best summed up by one word….WOW! The reading was enlightening, encouraging, and confirming. I had been receiving one of the exact same cards she received for me!!!

On my second card reading Angelsroc helped me put “things” in perspective and assisted me in moving forward at a time when I felt “stuck”. Although I have never met Angelsroc in person, I feel a connection to her through her energy and light work. I am thankful our life paths have intersected! Thank you, Anglesroc, for sharing your work with the world!

A.C., Southampton

I have to say I enjoy your page SOOO much!! It’s the first thing I look for when I come on Facebook. It’s 100% accurate every time! But also gives me such wonderful support, understanding and guidance. So thank you!! From the bottom of my heart for sharing with everyone. You have made such a big difference in my life 💗

You are gifted, and absolutely on the right path with your teachings. And isn’t that how we all get on this path? Through trials and tribulations, heartache and trauma. The difference is what you choose to see and learn from it to grow. You are an amazing lightworker, I’m sorry you’ve had a difficult time. It’s never easy, but just know that as you struggle down your path you are casting a light for others to follow.

Christine, Westfield MA

Oh wow.. thank you so very very much. You have hit the nail on the head with ALL my worries and concerns! You have truly made a huge difference to my mindset and drive. Xxx

Jade, Pretoria, South Africa